Congratulations Allenwood BOP Party
Great Food, Venue, Dancing, and Party Time!
...and of course great music provided by... "The Lucky Afternoon Band"

"Kiss me baby!"


"Can I have  a kiss too honey?"


"No, no kiss for you!"

Chick Magnet

My hero... the Chick Magnet!

This band is good... let's shake on it!

Late comers... glad we got your picture!

The "Three Wise Men" you heard about at Christmas

Friendly Service!

Don't Ask!

Time to eat!

Service with a smile



...for under the Christmas Tree

Love was in the air...

The "Raffle Girls"

"You're still the one"

Date night for these two... Hahahaha

Jenn shedding a tear while saying goodbye!
Darn... Photobombed from behind

Good Luck Jenn!  You were always great to work with!

Everyone is so nice and friendly to the band!

I promised you'd be on the website!

All ready to go!

"It's a tough job but somebody has to dance with all the girls"

It's time to have some fun

Congratulations to all the "Limbo Rockers"

Clowning around and having fun on the dance floor

I'm not Lisa (Click HERE to learn more about Lisa)

A special medal for Carla!
Congratulations BOP - Allenwood employees and THANK YOU for having the
"Lucky Afternoon Band" be a part of your celebration!

Merry Christmas & God Bless!







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