Lucky Bio
Dave Stick Dough Schrampie Joe Sue Steve
Dave Stamm
Dave is a long-time rocker who's been playing guitar, singing, and performing since he was 10 years old; he started playing in club bands at age 16.  Growing up in Harrisburg among many musicians, Dave met and played with a lot of guitar players and local bands.  Dave was very active in high school band, jazz band, and chorus while also taking college level music theory classes.  Dave loves all types of music and provides lead vocals, guitar, bass, a little keyboard, and very little fiddle.  Dave is retired and enjoys...anything he wants to do... anytime!
Dave says, "We can't begin to thank all of our fans, friends, family, and followers for the overwhelming support the band has received in recent years."  The band has been performing since 1996 and gives 100% at each show.  Today, The Lucky Afternoon Band can perform a wide variety of music including rock, country, disco, and 50's & 60's.

Dave and Stick (Father and Son) performing together at Knoebels

Squid and Dave having some fun at the Muncy Legion


David "Stick" Stamm

Stick, (aka "Stick") earned B.S. degrees in Music and English.  Stick has been a Lucky Afternoon member for over 12 years and plays a USA Gibson Reissue SG Bass.  He also sings lead & backup vocals along with playing trumpet and flute for a few tunes.  Stick loves the oldies and 80s hair-band music

Stick has a unique ability for bass note memorization and loves throwing in extra bass runs.  Look for Stick to be eating wings at BJ's,  hangin' with friends at campfires, and plotting a new on-stage jumping scheme! He's just fun to watch on stage!  (Ask him if he knows who his dad is)
Stick has more energy on stage than a Nuke Plant!!!!


Doreen "Dough" Artley

Doreen "Dough" joined Lucky Afternoon in 2003 as a keyboardist and vocalist.  She has been playing since she was 16yrs old and brings a new flavor of music to the band.  "Dough" is an accomplished accordion player too!  Her roots are country & square dance bands including the Square Dance band "Happy Times."  She also is the choir director for her local church.

But now, Dough is forgetting what country music sounds like.  Throw the golf clubs on a sheet of paper and Dough is at her best!  She is in the financial business and is married to Roadie Steve.  Dough appears to be the shy and quiet one...but she's not!


Dave "Schrampie" Schramp
Say "Hello" to another Dave!  (Affectionately known as "Schrampie")  Schrampie is a very talented and a well-season performer

He came aboard the good ship Lucky Afternoon early 2004 and was an instant match with the band!  He brings 50+ years of drumming expertise and played in various successful local bands (including Country Sunshine and the Original Mavericks).  Schrampie has a beautiful, high-range, voice /w great harmonies.  He is very easy-going and loves to play a wide-variety of music. (a Schrampie Secret - he's a BIG Beatles Fan!!!) 

As a drummer, Schrampie has that special touch and is rock solid!  He so good, he should be in an LA studio for the stars. Sometimes you can hear him humming the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Cell Mate" AND he'll usually be tripping over a wire... The Big Lemming! 


Joe "Doc Joe" Agoglia

On September 22, 2012, Lucky Afternoon welcomed in this young, talented bouncing baby boy, Joe Agoglia

Doc Joe is a lifelong musician and songwriter that came to the area from the New York music scene where he performed in many of the top clubs in the northeast including  the well know Copa Cabana of New York City made famous by Barry Manilow's hit song.  Joe owned a talent agency on Long Island and received radio play in up-state New York for some of his original compositions!  Joe has played in various local bands as well as warm-up bands for such artists as Daryl Worley and Tanya Tucker (yes, we have proof he met Tanya Tucker!)   

By far the biggest thrill of Joe's music career came when he performed at the Williamsport Community Arts Center as a solo artist on a nine-foot Steinway grand piano while he played and sang a multi-song ballet of original songs that he composed during which the Williamsport Civic Ballet Company Dancers performed to his music.

Joe says, "I am grateful and excited to have the honor of being asked to join one of my favorite local bands- Lucky Afternoon." "Thanks for the Lucky Afternoon Band members for welcoming me so graciously and for the warm welcome I continue to receive from the fans!"  Lucky is happy to have you with us too!!!


Sue aka "Squid or Inky" & Steve aka "Mr. Blue Snowcone"
Lucky Afternoon would not be as successful as it is today if it wasn't for the "behind-the-scenes heroes and band members" "Squid" and "Roadie, Light Man, and Bouncer Steeeeve"  Snell and Steve help us set up and tear down for just a small handout (and sometimes for free beer and food).  Squid and Steve "slide us into a nice level." Squid sings backup for a few songs too!  Steve saves our backs, does repairs on the fly, sets up the lights, gophers for us, and is just a great friend (and he's Dough's husband).  They really do a great job keeping us looking and sounding good.

We don't always tell you, but we love and appreciate you morons!

Stevie lifting the PA for a class reunion
(pic was taken years looked a lot younger)

The Magical Mystery Head