Congratulations Bloomsburg High School Class of 1971
On yet ANOTHER well planned and fun-filled memorable celebration!

1st Row:  Janet Gleyze Bridges, Jim Garman, Paul Dieter, Connie Miller Denmark, Linda Guffey Fenstermacher, Deb Howe Bucher, Irene Pelley Fisher, Annet Reigel, Deb Dieffenbacher Decker, Diane Corley Rake, Sharon Mowery Atland, Dave Penman, Vicki Johnson McAndrews

2nd Row:  Frank Orzolek, Chuck Keller, Pat Beagle Eyer, Helen Shaffer, Fran Thackera Mills, Linda Penman Shultz, Molly Bomboy Shollenberger, Steph Severn, Jane McCubbin Sheridan, Pat Maust

3rd Row:  Rick Roberts, Dennis Frazier, Bert Leiby, Bob Naunas, Fred Kramer, John Birt, Mary Ann Keller Wood, Dennis Keiser, Cindy May Samuels, Cathy Austin Fulkersin, Vicki Beishline, Sue Crawford Bodman, Gloria Snyder Millard, Carol Snyder, Mary Barratt Lechleitner, David Sitler

4th Row:  Steve Swisher, Bob Shuman, Al Hunsinger, John Bachinger, Joe Hilgar, Lee Rupert, Linda Perkins Daniels, Roanna Anderson Pifer, Pam Parker Holmes, Deb Evans Scholl, Barb Salko, George Samuels, Glen Coombe, John Flick, Nancy Lipovsky Marshall

Thank You for making the Lucky Afternoon Band part of your wonderful celebration!

The Links at the Buckhorn exit off of Route 80

Beautiful facility 

Nice bar

Read what the "Links" has to offer at:

Great to see classmates and friends greeting each other

Told you I'd find that picture!

The Godmother of the money laundering operation!

Event coordinator "Mau" and her staff did a fantastic job!

Thumbs Up... You Bet!

"Check one, check two, duh....what comes after two?

"CEO Linda" reading the announcements.

Oh my gosh.... this buffet had GREAT tasting food

Service with a smile!!!

The band loves when Dave feeds them and always play better with a full belly of good food.

The secret behind all the great tasting food!!!
Mau with the cook (on left) who's responsible for the great meal.

What are we reading here...?

The class yearbook!

Silly Girl

The class picture photographer

The band enjoys the few times we can all sit together and talk.

Each Lucky Afternoon Band  member received a tassel and were all made honorary members of the Bloomsburg High School Class of 71' members....

It's an honor to be associated with such a friendly and fun-loving class!!  THANK YOU!!

A nice tribute to those classmates no longer with us

Always a warm welcome from the Bloom Class of 71'

More goodies!!!

Time to shake it up a little

Back to school...!!!

Trying on "Thinking Caps"

Congratulations... you all did great!!

Havin' a Ho Down!

And there it is...

The Bloom Class of 71' partied all night!

Even the staff jumped in...

...and enjoyed a dance with a class member!

Mr. Cone!

This class is #1 in our hearts!!

Doin' a little smoke by request!

Maureen and her staff (bartender pictured here) did a FANTASTIC job  - Thanks "Mo"  You're the best!

Scenes that few see... the Lucky Afternoon Band loading up after a job well done!

Thank You Bloomsburg Class of 1971 for making "Lucky Afternoon" a part of your celebration....
it's a class reunion we always look forward to!

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