A Full House at the...Columbia Valley Moose
THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported

The Lucky Afternoon Band!!!

We rocked....

...and you kept the dance floor hoppin' all night!

Alicia and Dave's Selfie
"Thanks for everything sweetie!"

God Bless our flag, our veterans, and our country!

Thank You Glen "Buddha" and Tracey for the roadie help!!!

Thank You "Biv" for the roadie help!!

Thank You Dulcie for your roadie help!!

Thank you Terry for the roadie help (he helps us tear down REAL FAST) and THE GREAT PICTURES!!!

I got ya this time... Hahaha

And there it is...

Some of the goodies being served

The smiling, wonderful "Raffle Couple"

Is there a chip on Jack's shoulder?

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it

Thumbs up and smiling...
That's what Lucky Afternoon does to you!!

What's going on here???

That's better!   Hahaha

Dave taking "time out" to dance with Mrs. Lucky Afternoon

Dave kissing "Godfather Jack's" ring.. and offering him a beer

Stick enjoying the dance floor crowd

Like Father... Like Son

Band Love....  Stick and Schrampie

It's all about family!!!

Sometimes when your naughty...
you have to hang upside-down!!
And there it is.....again!

Dave make a face?

Nah... it's just your imagination!

A Big Beautiful Moose

Again thanking:  Dulcie, "Biv", Tracey, Buddha Glen, and Terry!

TO EVERYONE who came out to support us.... THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
We are humbled and appreciative!






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