Richfield's Dutch Days
Richfield Dutch Days celebrates the culture and heritage of Richfield with crafts, food, and live entertainment

A Beautiful Summer Evening and a BIG Crowd!!
(It's not a's a community homecoming tradition!)

Beautiful Richfield

All parked and ready to go...

Sound check!

But first, let's walk around and see some of the sights...
Dutch Days was bustling  with people

People relaxing and chatting with friends and family

A wide variety of GREAT tasting food...

Did someone say great food?  You BET!

Hello to the "Burger Gang" (cheeseburgers were fabulous!)

and the friendly "Burger Crew"


The funnel ladies were serving up yummy treats!

A shout out to the hardworkin' ice cream guys

A lot of things to do for all ages!



Crafts and vendor stands

Face painting


"Hope you catch a big one!"


A special hello to the friendly gals we met from the
Richfield United Church of Christ

"Trying to get my ducks in a row but they won't cooperate"

Stick's new girl friend!
(she can't run away from him)

A special THANK YOU to the Richfield Ambulance and Fire Company!!  These are volunteers who risk their lives to save you and properly - all voluntarily - no pay!  Other volunteers help raise money that is given back to the community.

When Richfield 9 has fund raisers - please support them!
They may someday pull you out of a crushed car, extinguish a house fire, or even save your life!

Hey, what's everyone getting ready for... is it Showtime?
What a crowd!

Crowds under the pavilions too!


Dave working the crowd

You're doing great Pat!

Time for the second show!!!
Central Command - the "Brains of the Operation"

This is the "secret room" that only few have seen and live to tell about!  The Dutch Days' Godfathers (and Godmothers) conduct business here and will rub you out if you give them any trouble!
Thank You Dan, Jen,
and the entire Dutch Days Organization

Lucky Afternoon had a wonderful time performing  this year... Everyone was so friendly and gave us a Richfield Dutch Days warm, down-home welcome!

Dutch Days is a wonderful and continuing community heritage and tradition deep in the heart of Juniata county.  Thanks for bringing people together and making the community a better place! 

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