A Beautiful Evening in Evendale...at the Evendale Festival

A Beautiful Evendale Countryside...

...With Crazy, Man-Eating Flamingos Running Around!

Thank You for the Warm Reception!

Time to Setup

Let the Show Begin...

...with a huge crowd ready to Enjoy

A Beautiful, New Stage

The "Happy Couple?"

Enjoying Conversation with Gabriel

God Bless the USA

Oh No! Another One of Those Wild,
Man Eating Flamingos Running Around

Dave Interviewing for Another Guitar Player

Go Suzi

These Young Ladies Were Offering Golf Cart Rides for $5

The Food Tastes Great Guys!

Matching Aprons

The Ice Cream Was REALLY Good!

The Band Enjoying a Break

Good Luck In Your Junior Year!

Love Birds Sharing Ice Cream

A Great Evening For Family Time

The Band's Dressing Rooms

Let the Auction Begin

Banana Treat

Little Evening Baseball Game

Lots of Smiles... (the winning pie was excellent)!

...And More Smiles!

A Big Crowd for the Second Show

Nasty, Man-Eating Flamingos Keep Chasing Me Around!







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