Congratulations to our friend
Rep. Fred Keller
Reelected to the 85th PA Legislative District

A great party, great food, and lots of fun!

Fred believes and is committed to growing the state's economy and creating jobs for the many talented young people currently forced to leave the region to find employment.

Congratulations to Lucky Afternoon's Friend.... Fred Keller!

To learn more about Representative Keller...
State Representative Keller's Website

Great tasting food...!!!

"Dave took my picture AGAIN with my mouth full"

Mini-Wraps... Mmmmmm!

What a fruit tray!

It's Mr. Jiffy

Drummer Schrampie has his eye on a juicy grape

Here's the cheese...

Time to cut the cake

Fred receives help from his wife Kay and granddaughter

"I love my pappy... and his cake too!"

Rev Ricky Phillips gave the blessing

Let's get this party rockin'

The first three dancers won a prize

Fun on the dance floor

Bucknell students out on the dance floor

More fun on the dance floor!

The Lucky Afternoon Band makes friends wherever we go

Fred cuttin' the rug on the dance floor

We met this young fella holding on to his harmonica...

...and left him play a song with the band!

The crowd enjoyed listening to the music too!


Congratulations again to Lucky Afternoon's friend Rep. Fred Keller on winning his reelection bid to the 85th Legislative District.  Fred will continue to work for us - the taxpayer!  He will also help create and keep jobs for our area.








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