Fremont Fireman's Carnival
Benefiting The Fremont Fire Department
Thank You Fremont Fire Company not just for selecting Lucky Afternoon to entertain at your fundraising carnival, but also for the OUTSTANDING community dedication and devotion you give back to our local community!
Read more about who they are and the great work they do at:
The next time the Fremont Fire Department has a fundraiser, please support their effort - they're supporting the community and YOU!!!
Below are some of the unselfish volunteer firefighters and many others who may not be active fire fighters but who volunteer their time and energy to help the community. 

The Bingo King is ready to call...!!!

Heading into the valley of Mt. Pleasant Mills
, PA

A nice, partly cloudy spring afternoon!

Setup time

A quick shout out to Boy Scout Troop 415 from Middleburg




Homemade ice cream

Strawberry shortcake

Even the young ones love carnivals

The sights and sounds of a carnival

Go ahead girl....

...fetch the ducks!

I think the ice cream is that way...!!!

That's a crock... actually, a lot of them!!

Let's get rolllin'

Randall loves jumping with Stick

Schrampie's "Hybrid Kit"

Dad and son love the banjo!

Owed you that one little buddy...!!

And there it is...

Red in the morning, sailors warning; Red at night, "A Lucky Afternoon Delight"

Thanks Mr. Bruce!

The band began howling at the moon

THANK YOU Fremont Fire Department for volunteering to save lives and protect property - GREAT community service and dedication!




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