Herndon Fire Company, No. 1
100th Year Anniversary

With the Lucky Afternoon Band
Before all the pictures.... let first talk about WHY we're here....
The Herndon Volunteer Fire Department volunteers do their part to raise funds, fight fires, protect your property, and risk their lives to save yours.... and don't get paid... they are giving, community minded men and women who serve the community.

Communities are so fortunate to have a volunteer fire department - men and women who risk their lives for us.

The next life they save could be yours!

Apparatus and equipment as you see here isn't cheap or free.  Fundraising events help pay for equipment  -

Please support and donate to your local fire department - they may be using this equipment to pull you out of a crushed car or extinguishing a fire to save your family, home, property, or even your life!

Herndon Fire Company, No.1

Below are some of these unselfish volunteers who give us so much...whether they are active fire fighters saving our lives and property OR helping the Herndon Fire Co. raise funds for their department. 

The Captain!

The trophies...

...and the presentations!
Other wonderful volunteers from other Fire Companies were in attendance too!
We thank them for their service in their local communities!!!
Thank You ALL volunteer fire fighters being willing to save my life while risking your own; we are forever in your debt!!

On our way to Herndon... looks like it's going to be a nice "HOT" day!


The Lucky Afternoon Band also thanks the "Herndon Centennial Committee for sponsoring "Lucky"

Dave with a purse??

The Dunk Tank!!

The food was fantastic!!

The American Women's Business Association
(Great lemonade ladies!!)

The Lions Club of Herndon was participating too!

Zion Church picture (as promised)

Here's a plug for the Zion Church's Bricks, Bells, and Blessings

What a WONDERFUL pleasure to be entertained by the...

...Line Mountain Football Cheerleaders!

They are so talented and a lot of fun!!
If you'd like to see the Line Mountain Football Cheerleaders dance and cheer with the Lucky Afternoon Band,


The "Lucky Hill"

New fans (Sam and Nancy) drive 50 miles just to see the Lucky Afternoon Band!  Thanks for the cake Sam!!

And there it is!!

Our friend, Herndon Mayor, and occasional, stand-in drummer Jason Wisser was working the dunk tank raising money for the Fire Company.
If you'd like to see Jason the Mayor of Herndon being dunked by his friend Dave from the Lucky Afternoon Band,



This lady (we don't know her name) was having a great time staying cool under an umbrella while enjoying the music!

A train passing thru!

Always great to see dancers!

Even the Zombies were dancing!

Time to tear down and head to another gig!

Lucky Afternoon was honored to play for the Herndon Fire Company's 100th Year Anniversary Celebration - THANK YOU and Congratulations! 
Keep up the great work!







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