Hughesville Volunteer Fireman's Carnival

A fun-filled evening with BIG crowds for our shows!
Thank You to our fans, friends, and followers...
(and new friends!)
Before all the pictures.... let first talk about WHY we're here....
The Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department volunteers do their part to raise funds, fight fires, protect your property, and risk their lives to save yours.... and don't get paid... they are giving, community minded men and women who serve the community.


The next life they save could be yours!

Apparatus and equipment as you see here isn't cheap or free.  The carnival and other fundraising events help pay for equipment  -

Please support and donate to your local fire department - they may be using this equipment to pull you out of a crushed car or extinguishing a fire to save your family, home, property, or even your life!

Hughesville Fire Dept Website

Communities are so fortunate to have a volunteer fire department - men and women who risk their lives for us.

Below are some of these unselfish volunteers who give us so much...whether they are active fire fighters saving our lives and property OR helping the Hughesville Fire Dept raise funds for the department.  On top of all that, they always give us a warm welcome to Hughesville!

Always greeted with lots of smiling volunteers!

Service with a smile!

I think we both got the point

Thank you for the compliments about the Lucky Afternoon Band

Volunteers come in all ages

Central Command Center - "The Brains of the Operation..."

... and the carnival's Godfather...

The Hughesville Fire Dept hit men...don't mess with these guys!

Caught you dancin' to our music Angie...!!!

Thanks for the pizza!!

All done.. time to clean up

Along with the fire fighters who risk their lives for the community so do the police.  We salute and respect the Hughesville Police.  They protect us and make a positive impact in the community. 

It was an honor chatting with you.  Thanks guys!

We met the local constable and his cute little K9 girl in training!

Thank You Fire Company Volunteers, EMS personnel, the Fire Police, and the Local and State Police!!
God bless and protect the fire fighters and all the community service personnel.  We honor you and appreciative what you do for us...

So what is there to do at a carnival???


You can hug an ear of corn

Turn your sausage into a smile

Eat GREAT tasting food

Ride the train


Win a prize

Play games!!  Schrampie, Stick, and Sue Squid try their luck!

Grab some popcorn

Take your doggie for a walk

Win a fish

Ride rides all night

Heading into the Muncy Valley

Some band members showing up early to grab a bite together before setup..

And the setup...

Presentation of the awards for the winners

Our beautiful flag flies high!!

and there it is...!!!

A little bit lower Stick

Stick keeping "Steve Snow Cone" cool with a snow cone!

Wait a second... Dave stumbled upon the secret beer distillery

Dave and this pooch were making out - In the middle of a show!

Headin' to Georgia

Always love to see dancers...

...enjoying the show!

"Why you little... come back here"

Yes, they are twins!

You show me yours, and I'll show you mine!

"Hold me up"

A "Lucky Point" and a BIG THANK YOU to our friends Terry and "Biv."  These friends help us out so much; tearing down, packing up the trailer, gopher duties -  and Terry takes incredible pictures for us!!!

Lucky Afternoon is honored to play for and support the Hughesville Volunteer Fire  Department  - THANK YOU
Keep up the great work!
We'll see you next year (Sat)
June 9th, 2018







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