Jim & Pam's Party
Food, Games, Fun, Friends, Family, and of course great music provided by...
"The Lucky Afternoon Band"

Thank you Jim and Pam for a great time and all the hard work you do preparing and hosting such a wonderful party.

Our Gracious Hosts!

And food galore!

The band enjoying a picnic together!

D.S. meets D.S.

Kids swimming

Families enjoying the day

Blowing bubbles

Inky dancin' with the kiddies!

"I didn't do it"

Friends enjoying a summer swing

Corn Hole Experts...

The competition was furious!

And there it is...

Dave's favorite "Jello Girl" Keena!

Sitting with all their friends...
Please thank Pam, and Jim!!!
Let them know how much fun you had!!

The Lucky Afternoon Band
sends lots of love to Jim & Pam







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