Happy 70th Birthday Surprise Party for Bob Keifer

Bob was caught off guard... a complete surprise!

A great turnout at the Watsontown Inn to honor Bob

Setting up before the honored guest arrives!

The Watsontown Inn - a BEAUTIFUL venue

...and the food is delicious!

Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Pork Sandwiches, Wraps, and a variety of meats and cheeses.... WOW

Friendly Bartenders

...and Manager Sue was very accommodating!

A Lucky Afternoon Grasshopper

Love is feeding each other baloney

It's OK, just a baloney fetish

Great shirts worn by the entire family honoring Bob

What are these two up to?

Hear Ye, Hear Ye  - Time to Roast the Birthday Boy

State Farm Certificate signed by "Ophelia Payne"

Reenacting a memory from long ago

"Thanks Dad"

Love the specs!

Bob's turn to say a few words

Three of Bob looking for his dancing shoes

Time to Dance!

Do a little dance, make a little love, "Get Down Tonight!"

Hey, guy in the white shirt - do you have deodorant on?

The Lucky Horn Section

Kiss Kiss you "Love Birds!"

The cake was really good...

...and the Poinsettia was very tasty too!

A well-fed band is a happy band

Break Time

A group of slow dancers

Beautiful decorations at the Watsontown Inn

Thanks to Mark Artley for helping setup
for our 3rd gig in 3 days (Mark is the one WITHOUT the beard)

He's "Burned Out" from too much touring on the road

Big sock... Big foot
Congratulations Bob Keifer!!!  You're a wonderful man, husband, father, grandfather, and a friend to all.
Lucky Afternoon honors you and wishes you MANY more healthy and happy birthdays!   You've touched many lives in your time and we are proud to call you "Our Friend."
Thank You "Lucky Roadies" for all your help during the last three days of gigs - You saved time and our backs! 
Terry, Tracey, Becky, "Biv", and
Buddha Buddy Glen


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