Wow, A GREAT TIME at Knoebels Amusement Resort!

Great Food, Fun Rides, and a Beautiful "Lucky Afternoon!"
Click HERE for the "Official" Lucky Afternoon Band 2017 video release from our shows at Knoebels Amusement Resort

Did we have fun?  You Betcha! Big Crowds for all 3 Shows!!
We will be back to Knoebels on Sunday,
September 10th - Shows at 2:00pm and 6:00pm
First off, we thank Knoebels' management for having again this year... AND THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, fans, and followers...YOU make it happen!
We'd like to share our 2017 Knoebels' experience with you!

On the way to Knoebels... love that place!

"I do too...!"

Backseat drivers excited to get to Knoebels too!

Almost there

We're happy to be a Patron!

Headin down into the valley!

We have arrived...!!!

Let's get setup

Our security escort

Dave chats with owner / President Dick Knoebels

Somebody here wants to help out?

Here he comes up on stage!

Thanks "Biv" and Terry for all the roadie help and Terry with pictures, video, and gopher help...

Thanks Will & Linda for all the roadie help setting up and extra pictures by Will

Thanks to Glen and Tracey for the help they provided...

...and Dulcie (pictured with her mom) for helping us too!!

The band resting and...

enjoying some family time before the first show...

Drummer Schrampie... and Mrs. Schrampie

It's all about family!

Look who we found working away!

Stick and Sue having some with the cigar store Indian...

Stick being corny

Dumb dog (inside family joke)

Who is that good lookin' man in the mirror??

Men and women have fought and died for our freedom.
Let's continue to honor their memory and our veterans!

We are HERE?  Where?

The Knoebels' Office staff is always friendly...!!
(even though they try to hide from the camera...Haha)

The Knoebel Family Portrait

Great customer service and chatting with Erick and Deb

Our buddy Larry

Let's grab some of the best park food in the country!

Dave and Sue walking back to the stage

Schrampie just canceled the show because of 85 degree, sunny weather??

No way... the 1st show's crowd is ready!

The band psych-ing up together minutes before going on!

Missed you this time Chris... we'll catch ya next time!

Time to ride....

The Phoenix...!!!

Hang On Stick!

A beautiful day in the park!

Doc Joe doing a little guitar maintenance

Dave hanging out with The Potato Cake Chef

Oh No, Dave's son-in-law Matt hit the ice cream stand

The band resting...

...and grabbing a bite before the 2nd show.

Dave hiding out beside Stick's nemesis...

...Stick's nemesis being the small merry-go-round drum.. Haha!

Plays for kids

Sue trying to steal some of Schrampie's ice cream

Before the 2nd show, we enjoyed the world famous...

Davison Family Circus

Not only do they put on an entertaining show,

Pat, his wife Marites, and their daughter Mabelle are just super nice people and great to work with while sharing the stage!
Pat Davison and Family represent more than 40 years of worldwide experience! They have brought
Laughter and Thrills to audiences of all kinds on
International TV Shows, Cruise Ships, Theaters, shows like Ringling Brothers Circus, Big Apple Circus,
The Harlem Globetrotters, Branson Theaters and many, many more! Click the link below to visit their website.

Great to see you again this year Pat, Marites, and Mabell
Keep up the great show and we'll see you again!

Wow... they're ready for the 2nd Lucky Afternoon show!

And so are we!

Dough playing a polka on the accordion is surrounded!

Stick doesn't move around much... NOT!

We once again honor our veterans

There goes Dave out with the audience again

The world is ending... Steve smiled

Dave thanking a veteran

Time for an ice cream break for the 3rd show!

Can you eat that monstrosity?

I like ice cream too!

No time for ice cream... the 3rd show's crowd is ready!

Holy Dancers Batman... the crowd wanted to dance!

And there it is...!!!

God Bless the USA and our veterans!

It's Goober!

And yes, the crowd  yelled for one more when the show ended...

... and we did just that!

Loading up after a "Looooooong" day!!

Penn State pitcher Mark Artley (on left) was a huge help and a good roadie...!!   Thanks Mark.

Enjoying a warm, summer night pickup truck ride out to the parking lot (Don't fall out Stick)

"I'm beat!!"  Dave gave up!
Thank You Terry & "Biv", Will and Linda, Tracey & Glen, and Dulcie... 


All the things you do for  "The Lucky Afternoon Band" is appreciated by all of us more than we can say.  The unloading,  setting up, gopher-ing, roadie work, tearing down, and loading up is a tremendous help... and helps keep us moving.



We will be back to Knoebels on Sunday,
September 10th - Shows at 2:00pm and 6:00pm
THANK YOU Knoebels Amusement Resort

Family, Friends, and Fans for your Love and Support!! YOU keep us going!!!







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