Congratulations to Lauren and Matt
A beautiful wedding day and a great reception was held at La Primavera in Lewisburg for a WONDERFUL couple... who just happened to be related to...
"The Lucky Afternoon Band!"

Family and friends dancing and celebrating at the reception!
Click HERE for a short video clip!!
Click HERE for for another short video clip of "Unchained Melody"
Our photographer's pictures (by Dark Horse Freelance) were not yet processed but our friend Terry took a lot of pictures combined with the "Lucky Camera" pictures for us to publish below - Thanks Terry!

After they return from a Jamaican honeymoon, Lauren and Matt will have all the pictures for their photo album and be able to share them with you! 

Lauren's Mom and Dad

Dad gives the bride away

Matt's Mom, Sister, and Richard

A VERY close brother and sister

Matt's Dad and Auntie Sue

The grandparents

Sorry about the blurry picture (taken by the father of the bride) but the official photographer will have great shots of you guys! 

Goofy brother-in-law!

Drummer Schrampie did a great job with the introductions!

Definitely some cake fun about to happen!

Need a photographer?  We have the perfect guy!
Gabe DeMarco is who you want - great pictures, great prices, and just a super nice gentleman! 

You da man Gabe... Thank You!

Dark Horse Freelance Photography
Check some of his great work on Facebook too!

Dancing with Pap Baker

Oh Bonnie, Oh Bonnie

"Did someone mention... awesome Italian food at
La Primavera??"

In her element!

Helping mom with her plate

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

And there it is!!!

How ya doin' there Stevie Boy?


Let's throw a garter

Let's throw a bouquet

A long day for the Stamms ...our wonderful friends, Buddha, Tracey, Biv, and Terry were such an incredible help...
Thank You!!! 
And thanks for the extra 300+ pictures Terry!
A BIG THANK YOU for everyone who came to support Lauren and Matt marriage ceremony and reception celebration!

Lucky Afternoon doesn't lose a daughter...
we gain another great son!







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