A Big Crowd was a Rockin' at the Lewisburg Legion!!!

A BIG Thank You for coming out and sharing your time with the Lucky Afternoon Band

"I could eat a Whopper with cheese!"

A major PBA bowling match in Connecticut was going on at the same time as our show.  Future "hall-of-famer," pro-master bowler Dan Ziobron was wearing a Lucky Afternoon T-Shirt

"Good Luck Dan; my friend in Connecticut ."

Just about ready to go

Time to make a game plan...

"...my plan is to drink beer."

Thanks for the pictures and extra road work.... Glen and Tracey

Thanks for the pictures and extra road work....Will and Linda

"Who?  Me?"

"Great to see you again Sally!"

Mony Mony for my buddy "Spinach Chin"

OMG... Is Steve Cone smiling???

"Kiss me you fool"

It's "The Thinker"    NOT!

The joint was still hoppin' at the end of the night

"GoGo" you young kids!

To Everyone Who Came Out...

Thank You!!!







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