A "Full House" at the Lewistown Moose

The Easter crowd came out to get Lucky
and we THANK YOU!

We're here!!!

The "Roadie Crew" and LONG-TIME band friends Glen, Tracey, Biv, Becky, and Terry showed up early for setup... what can we say except.... THANK YOU once again for all the help and friendship.  Fabulous pictures Terry... Thanks again!!!

Wait, Dave has an important announcement....

We're going to celebrate Becky on her retirement!

A total surprise celebration

Blow those retirement candles out!

Great food at the Lewistown Moose

The crowd is ready...

...let's get to work!

And there it is...

"You know Tracey... this band is pretty good!"

Father and Son chillin' in the middle of a Chicago song...

...and Doc Joe soon joins in on the relaxation!

Sue's sister Jean looking for her "chip"

Governor Kevin making announcements...

...and the Governor's wife Christine passing the cradle around for a great cause...Mooseheart!  (nice couple!)

...and once again, there it is!!

"Say Cheese"

It's a family thing

Bunny Ears for Easter!

Selinsgrove Seal classmates!!

Take it away Doc Joe!

A special hug from Aunt Darlene

Mr. and Mrs. Buddha

Congrats once again on your retirement Becky...
welcome to the club!

Stargazing with Jack Horkheimer   "Keep Lookin' Up"

On the way home, the band was stalked by....
"A Clown Car??"  
(Stuffed with clowns and balloons) LOL

t was great playing for our Lucky Friends at the Lewistown Moose! Thanks Again!
CYA again on Nov. 3rd, 2018







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