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Williams Enterprises
A special shout out and THANKS to Lucky Afternoon's friend Denny Williams (and his family) of Williams Enterprises

Read more about Williams' top-notch quality food services at :

Denny, Nancy, Dave, and Sue
enjoying a night on the town in Selinsgrove  

Denny, owner of Williams' French Fries, Catering, Concessions, and Denny's Lennies Restaurant in Halifax has been a long-time friend, supporter, and sponsor of the Lucky Afternoon Band.  Denny has also donated time and services to the Fire Department and other community organizations! 

Try some great tasting, home-cookin' meals at Denny Lennies Restaurant

3828 Peters Mountain, Halifax, PA 17032
(717) 896-3644

The original building was built in 1937 and in 1947 was officially named Lennies. 

Let's talk friendly service - always a smile and pleasant conversation by the serving staff.


Frank Leister
Frank Leister and Dave grew up together in Harrisburg and were in their first band together.  Frank played with Lucky Afternoon for over 3 years.  Frank is a master guitarist, an excellent keyboard player, and filled in playing bass and drums too!  Frank has recorded 3 solo CDs. 

On occasion, Frank still plays with Lucky Afternoon

Dave and Frank continued their friendship after not seeing each other for almost 30 years!  They are adamant that when someone says, "We should get together sometime," just don't say it... DO IT!  Dave describes his friend Frank as "an excellent musician, a wonderful father, a caring husband, generous, and a close friend that Dave's Lucky to have!!!"

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