Middlecreek Valley Antique Association
2017 Annual Spring Show

Great Crowds....

...Enjoying both shows!!!   THANK YOU!!!
Located on a former farm in Snyder County, Pennsylvania just west of Selinsgrove.

 Wonderful people preserving agricultural artifacts and educate the public about farming and rural lifestyles of bygone days.

Dave was greeting by his friend, SUPER nice guy and Chief Information Officer, Secretary, and brains of the operation... Mike

A rare shot of the MVAA Godfather...   We were Lucky...

...his bodyguard didn't beat us up!!!

The MVAA President, his wife, and their happy young son!

The Godmother of the MVAA????

Beautiful horses circling the show grounds.

Hello to the Freemasonry Lafayette Lodge 194

Hello to the Kratzerville Boy Scout Troop 441

World-class, professional Chef Dave...

"Can I help you?"

Food?  You bet!  Delicious!

Homemade chips

They're just a little shy...

One happy cashier!

Great tasting ice cream from "Hit & Miss Ice Cream"
See, I remembered...!!!

Tractors... This one is for you Dave R.

and tractor pulls

The campsite

Here's the barn... lets get the show started

Always love to see dancers at a Lucky Afternoon Show!!

Dave clowning around with the audience again...

And the winner of the "Country Music Quiz"

Drummer Schrampie is SO good, he can nap while playing

And the dancing continued

The golfcarts gravitated to the music too!

And there it is....!!!

The barn owl watched us all evening!

Great to hear Dough's accordion again!

There also was some country line-dancing

Great shot Terry... taken from the loft

I think someone referred us as... "The Four Stooges"?

The gang chillin' out after a couple of shows in a row
Terry and "Biv"... THANKS once again for all the help setting up, gopher-ing, tearing down, and loading up.


Wonderful pix Terry...

Thank You again MVAA for choosing the Lucky Afternoon Band to play for your spring show. 

We'll see you next year on May 19th, 2018
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