Mifflinburg Fireman's Carnival

Beautiful weather ~ Parade ~ Fireworks ~ A Big Crowd ~ and...
The Lucky Afternoon Band!
But first, let's talk about "why" there is a carnival...!!

It's all about the Mifflinburg Hose Fire Company volunteers who do their part  fighting fires, protecting your property, and risking their lives to save yours....

A Fireman's Prayer

He stares in the face of death, without a second thought
to save that one special life, that he so bravely sought

He has walked as close to "hell on earth," as any man could do and he's so proud of the job he did, for people he never knew

He puts his life on the line, every time duty calls
always doing what needs to done, without even a pause

He is a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance.
When saving someone’s life often he says, "it's my job"  

But we really know that he is very special, and always ready to go

So when you hear the sirens wail, or see the flashing lights
stand aside and look with pride, he's going to save a life. 

Volunteers conduct fundraisers in order to help pay for this equipment that may save YOUR life.

and we are "Tustifiably" Proud of you!

It's also about those who may not be out in the field but help out donating their time and energy helping with fund raisers and giving their time helping with the carnival.

Below are some of these unselfish volunteers:
Active duty fire fighters and rescue personnel AND those of you who work for the carnival providing a community service.
Lucky Afternoons says --- THANK YOU!!!

First stop...

...The "Command Center"

We found the chief

No wonder the food tastes great... these guys are master chefs!

...and young "chefs-in-training!"

Smiles wherever we go...!

Wonderful volunteers having a great time helping the community!

Having fun while doing community service

Always happy to see Tod... the volunteer voted....
the "Most Loveable"

Volunteers come in all ages

Other volunteers run games to help raise money

The BINGO gang!

We've seen the many faces of Anthony over the past few years
(Seen here as concentrating)

(Seen here as very busy working on a business spreadsheet)

(Seen here as carefree)

(Seen here as happy)

 (Seen here as excited)  And now, the "Godfather" of the "Command Center" is training Dylan, soon to be known as the "Godson"

But the real brain of the entire operation (and nice guy...) Cameron (with a little help from Kassidy)

End of a long week!

Always an honor to again run into the man who...
"Doesn't do anything"  (in the middle)  Hahahaha
Even if he doesn't do anything, he's still a great guy!
All fun and joking aside... these are the some of the most generous people you'll ever meet - THANK YOU!!!

On the road again...

... and Mifflinburg just over the hill

We bypassed the parade

and there's the canival

Chairs already were being setup while we setup

Pleasure meeting the 2016 Union County
West End Fair Queen Cinnamon and her family

Can't beat carnival food

...and some behind the scenes of how it's made!

Hello to the Mifflinburg VFW

The crowd is ready...

...let's get rollin'

And there it is

Lots of fun things to do at a carnival




Seeing friends
Thank You Friends, Family, Fans, and Followers...!!!

As a reminder... just published... our 2017 Official Lucky Afternoon Band YouTube video.  Click the YouTube icon below!!

Headin' down to Georgia

Dave having fun with the crowd
Kiwanis clubs, located in 80 nations, help their communities in countless ways. Each community’s needs are different—so each Kiwanis club is different. By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. When you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things happen.

Thanks for the funnel cake...

...and to the wonderful ladies cooking them up!

A beautiful summer evening!

Terry... you never cease to amaze us to capture picture!

And there it is again...!!!

What is he doing?

Awesome Fireworks!

The grand finale

Once again, "Biv" and Terry... thanks for all the roadie help and
SUPER great camera captures by Terry!
To the Mifflinburg Hose Company: We are honored to play and help support the great work you do.

Thank You volunteers for the OUTSTANDING community dedication and devotion you give back to our local community!

We'll see ya next year!







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