A Big Crowd at the Millersburg Legion!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came out to "Get Lucky!!"

We're here... time to unload.

Yo... We are rockin'

And there it is...

...and again!

"No Steve, you can't have a raise."

"Arrgh Matey"

Missed you Megan....!

Thing One and Thing Two.

Little Down-tuning.

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Hey Dough... the sign is falling!

5 minutes before passing out.

A drummers view.

2 Minute Band Meeting.

Hi Stick!

"You are so hot Dave"

The Singing Canaries.

"Biv" checking out the side door.

Poof... there she is!

So many times... so many years... "Biv" and Terry
Thank you friends for the SO MANY times you've helped us.
AND... Terry for capturing GREAT photos!

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