Milton Lions' Carnival
Wow...Thanks Everyone!  :-)
Lions are kind and generous people who want to help. That's why they work on projects to improve our communities and protect the environment.   Lions perform hands-on community service projects, including remodeling a non-profit community center, painting a shelter for the homeless or repairing a public park or playground.

Check out all the Lions Organization does in our community, nation, and around the world @

- Lions and Leos work to preserve the precious gift of sight for the world.

- Lions and Leos are working to give children with cancer a second chance at life.

 - Lions and Leos distribute food to schoolchildren, stock food banks, create sustainable community gardens and lead community food drives to fight hunger where they live and work.

- Lions and Leos are meeting environmental challenges at the local and global level by planting trees, organizing recycling programs, providing clean drinking water and cleaning up communities to help preserve our environment for generations to come.

- Lions and Leos are confronting global health emergency by raising awareness of diabetes through Strides events, expanding access to care through screening and treatment programs, and improving quality of life through diabetes camps and community recreational programs.

Thank You Lion's Club for what you do for the community!

Dave says, "OK, we'll make this happen tonight..."

...and we did..!!  Thank you fans, friends, and followers!!

The road crew (Dave) removes the barriers

Setup time

Now there is true dedication!  Sue wins "Lucky Employee of the Month" for her hard work crawling in the mud under the trailer!!  Thanks Squid!!  :-)

The wonderful summer site and sounds of carnival time in PA

A hello to Boy Scout Troop 605

Boy and Girl Scouts and wonderful organizations helping to develop young man and women prepare for life and build character. 

Here's the plug for Pap's Ribeye Steaks!

Speaking of food... Fish sandwiches, burgers, dogs, fries, and much more!!

A Pickle Ice Pop - could be the future craz...

Let's get the show hoppin' Stick!

Dave having fun with the crowd

We always love to see dancers at our carnival shows!

Rosie and Pat win the "Lucky Rain Dance Award" for dancing to Lucky Afternoon in the rain last week at the Southside Carnival...!!   True fan dedication!

Our trumpet section...

...doing a little "Big Band" tune!

As the sun set, the moon made an appearance...

...and the crowd yelled for more!

There's a bad moon behind you Stick & Schrampie...
Thank You Milton Lions Club for selecting the Lucky Afternoon Band for your Saturday night grand finale music and entertainment!

Please support your local Lions Club - They are supporting you!







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