A BIG Crowd @ the Milton Moose!!

A GREAT NIGHT of "Rockin" with Friends, Fans, Followers...

And there it is...

Festive Easter decorations

Lucky Afternoon hired a coat man...he checks them in and checks them out "only if you have a coat check ticket"

One of Stick's flute keys got stuck...

...but he figured out how to "un-stick" it....!!

That’s a bunch of “baloney!” Or is it “bologna?”

Beer makes Dough's tongue swell....

The second generation Lucky Afternoon T-Shirt (circa 2008)


The gamblers

The bar was hoppin'...

...and so were the bartenders!

Schrampie, Don't Move...!!   That Moose is right behind you!

Dave's classmates... Andy and Deb...Great to see you guys!

Dave mixing it up with the crowd!

She did it...

...no, she did it!

Our Rocker Tim!

Sing a few bars honey!

A great night of fun and dancing /w the Lucky Afternoon Band

We love the Milton Moose... and God bless Mooseheart!

All loaded up... time to hit the road... good night everyone!

Again, a sincere THANK YOU for ALL OF YOU who came out to support the Lucky Afternoon Band.







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