Milton VFW - a "GREAT" Crowd!

  A Rockin' Time... on the Dance Floor!
A very special THANK YOU to those of you who came out!!!

Setting up... so much fun... NOT

A "Snakebite Shot" to start the show!

"Help Me.... I'm buzzed"

"Wake Up Steve Cone"

Thanks 4 the extra pix Will

"Mmmmm... I drum.... I eat pretzel... Ugggg!

Twins... Here's Buddha before beer... (a kiss from Schrampie)

...and here's Buddha after TOO many beers!

Stick making out with his dream girl

Stick eating.... Stick

The patient before surgery.  Surgery was a success and Schrampie's golf bag was saved!

Doc Joe listening to the latest set... instant feedback

Yes, you had too many!

"I think he's my son but Jerry Springer says otherwise"


Look into my eyes... you are now hypnotized
You will now give me all the money you don't have!

The band was carrying on all evening


"Flat Head"

Not me again?

A rare glimpse of the boss giving orders... Dave listens well

A highly specialized, imported road crew was brought in to load up the band trailer. Thanks Mark & Neil 
(Neil is really Neo from the Matrix)
Get Ready Milton VFW for
- Dec. 31st (New Years)
Call (570) 742-3395 for tickets
Only $20 for GREAT food, party goodies, and great music!!!







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