Milton VFW

A BIG CROWD!  Thank You...!

Thanks for the great pix Terry!

Dave's ex-coworker - miss ya Kate!

Great to see those Lucky T-shirts!

Great to see Elmer back in action playing tambourine again

Terry's special FX

Take care of that knee!

Heckle and Jeckle

A special hello to our friends from the Smooth Country Band
Spike and Shirley Stamm

Linda and Cliff Confer - Thanks for your support!
Smooth Country's Website


Three Dave's???   Oh No... Say it ain't so!

Drummer Jokes Anyone?

Q: What did the drummer get on his IQ Test?
A: Saliva.

Q: Why are band breaks limited to only 20 minutes?
A: So you don't have to retrain the drummer.

Plenty thanks for the roadie help... Terry, Mark, and "Biv"
Keep an eye on our schedule
it's growing...

Apr 25th Muncy Moose 8-11
May 2nd Columbia Valley Moose 8-11
May 8th Milton VFW 9-12
May 9th Bloomsburg Carnival 7 & 8:30







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