Milton VFW

Snow didn't keep this crowd away!
Thank You for coming out to enjoy the "Lucky" show!

Nothin' like a big Yorkville sub vibrating your butt!

Dave having fun with the dancers

And there it is...

"I'm having fun"

Yes, your Highness?

West Snyder High School Classmates

Thanks for the Great Pictures Terry...

Thanks for the Great Pictures Will...

Look Up!

Jumping Hair
Caution: Stud on Right -->

And there it is... again!

No cushion of hair for you Steve...

Hey Inky....DNA tests reveal Stick is NOT your son!

There'll be some butt-kickin' tonight.... Oh La La!!

Smiley 1 and Smiley 2

Show's over and everyone left... except for Gary the stud...

Why is everything white outside?

The Lucky Truck and Trailer

Loading is "snow" much fun!

On behalf the entire Lucky Afternoon Band... we say thank you:
Will, Linda, Terry, and "Biv" for helping us tear down and load up the band trailer.... So much appreciated!

Don't forget to thank a vet!







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