Milton VFW  - A NICE "and happy" Crowd!

Thank You for coming out to enjoy the "Lucky" show!
Faces Anyone???

...and there it is!

Thanks for the Lucky HD pictures Will....

Thanks for the many Lucky pictures Terry!

Thanks to our "Lucky Friends" for all the roadie help!

I Spy... a Lucky Afternoon shirt!!

Nana to the rescue!!

"No, Please, I can't stand it!!

Photobombers... Will and Linda

Totem Pole?

Why, it's "Captain Video"
Master of space! Hero of science! Captain of the Video Rangers! Operating from his secret mountain headquarters on the planet Earth, Captain Video rallies men of good will everywhere. As he rockets from planet to planet, let us follow the champion of justice, truth, and freedom throughout the universe!

Now working for the FBI


"I could have had a V8"

These are the first five tickets purchases tonight for our New Year's Eve Party scheduled here at the Milton VFW. 

300 Park Ave, Milton, PA 17847

A variety of food, dogs and sauerkraut,
party favors and more!!

Tickets only $20


Call the Milton VFW @ (570) 742-3395

Say, "Thanks" to a veteran!

Keep an eye on our schedule 
We'll be back at the Milton VFW for... NEW YEAR'S EVE... Thursday,
December 31st  9:00pm - 12:30
Get your tickets early...!!!







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