Milton VFW - a "GREAT" Crowd!

  A Rockin' Time... on the Dance Floor!
THANK YOU to those of you who came out in 9 degree temps!

I'm a normal guy dancing with my wife but watch out...

...if I have too many beers!

Thanks for the extra pix Will

Happy Birthday to "The Beckster"

"The Commission"

Dough teaching Joe M. the Do-Se-Do

Thanks for the road crew volunteering for the late trailer load with temperatures in the single digits... we wish we were young!
Aubyn ~ Neil (Neo like the Matrix) ~ Mark
Thanks Everyone... keep an eye on our schedule!

Jan 10th Millersburg Moose 9:00pm 12:00

Jan 17th Milton Moose 9:00pm 12:00

Jan 24th Lewistown Moose 9:00pm 12:00
Jan 31st Milton Eagles 9:00pm 12:00
Feb 7th Williamsport Moose 9:00pm 12:00
Feb 14th Millersburg Moose 9:00pm 12:00
Feb 20th (Fri) Milton VFW 9:00pm 12:00







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