Milton VFW - a GREAT Crowd!

  A Rockin' Time...and a Busy Dance Floor!

It was a spooky night!

Careful Wolf Man...there is a giant, bald monster in front of you!

Busy bar too

Someone please re-carve the ugly pumpkin on the right!

Happy Birthday to Nicki and our very own.... STICK!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son Stick

The similarities are uncanny!

"Who?"  "Me?"

Professional tambourine player... Elmer!

"The scary head (on the left) is looking at me!"

Teaching Pat the "Lucky Point"
(You need some more practice Pat)

Channel 9 is turned off...!!!!
(love the photobomb)

We made a mistake.... channel 9 sounds GREAT!!!
We'll be back a the Milton VFW - Friday, Nov. 21st &
- Dec. 31st (New Years)

To all of our fans, friends, followers.... THANK YOU!
Your never-ending support keeps Lucky Afternoon train rollin'







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