Milton VFW

Wow... What a great crowd!  Thank You...!

Thanks for the pictures and help guys!

Thanks for the pictures and help guys!

"Hey Stick, you stink"

"Is my deodorant working?"

"I'm trying to cooperate Mr. Cone!"

Why do drummers have lots of kids?
They're not too good at the Rhythm Method.

2016 Summer Olympic Dance Team hopefuls!

Oh Lord, Dave must be playing Doobie Brothers

Ladies, watch out for the half-headed monster

Dang, caught living on my smartphone again

Stick punches himself when he misses a note 

Security, please get this heckler off stage!

The bar was busy too
Keep an eye on our schedule
it's growing...

Mar 28th Columbia Valley Moose 8 - 11
Apr 4th Williamsport Moose 9 - 12
Apr 11th Milton Moose 9 - 12







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