A Beautiful Evening & a BIG Crowd...

...at the Montandon Community Days!

Thank You to all the folks who came out...

...to enjoy "The Lucky Afternoon Band"

Setting up before the show...

...the SHOW!

Great service with a smile

Told you guys...

God bless the USA

Volunteers to help with the classics

Go Granny Go

Family time

Granny's got me!

Congratulations... Everyone is a winner!

Time out for a cheeseburger and dog

Go "Doc Joe" Go

Wait a second... this cute little stool pigeon squealed on me!

"Did I do that?"  BUSTED!

"I can play this... well, maybe"

Dave fiddling around

Doc Joe and Stick explaning to the crowd...

...Dave has no idea how to play a trumpet

Dave having trouble figuring out which end is which

Who cares... let's Do-Si-Do your partner

Dancers.... YUP, we love em'

Steve. did you smile?

He did now!

More dancing... we love it!

Here comes the local "Lycoming Valley Express..."
...every time Doc Joe tries to sing a song

Big Finale

Thanks again "Biv" and Terry for all the help!
Thank you Jenny and the entire
MCD committee...

We had a great time!







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