Montour Delong Fair - A Wonderful Fair, Great Weather, and Big Crowds for...

The Lucky Afternoon Band

We're almost there!


That's Us!

Beautiful new stage and pavilion!!

Drummer Shrampie's wife Lori parking cars!

We found Bill and Kim (the brains of the operation)
in "Command Central"

The Washingtonville Volunteer Fire Company volunteers do their part to raise funds, fight fires, protect your property, and risk their lives to save yours.... and don't get paid... they are giving, community minded men and women who serve the community.

Below are some of the unselfish volunteers who donate their time and energy as volunteer fire fighters AND those community volunteers dedicating their time working at the carnival.  When you see them anywhere...just say,
"Thanks for what you do."

Watcha got cookin'?

Let's talk food!

Sue enjoying her favorite ice cream - Peanut Butter Cup!

What do you have there Biv & Terry?

Pulled BBQ Pork... Mmmm!!

Yet another "Lucky Thank You" to Terry & Biv for all the help setting up, gophering, tearing down and packing up the trailer after the show... Also, Terry grabs the camera and takes GREAT and unique pictures all evening!!

There's where the pulled pork comes from!

Many 4H and FFA fair exhibitions!

The "Mr. Yuk" poison logo and poison prevention is more important than ever!

Dave, Stick, and Sue really enjoyed spending time
...with the animals!!

And there it is...!!!

Thank you Pepsi

Jonna = photobomber!!

All right!!!


The stage is bare... it's time to head home!
Thank You Montour Delong Fair Committee, Thank You Pepsi Company,  and mostly THANK YOU fans, friends, and followers

We had an AWESOME FUN TIME....!!!







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