Muncy Legion - Maxed Out!

The Lucky Afternoon Band sincerely thanks "EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU"
for your unbelievable support!!!

The Dance Floor Was Hoppin' All Ni
ght Long...up to the VERY LAST SONG!

Not an empty seat in the house...

The real heroes!!!

This small table occupies a place of dignity and honor symbolizing members of our armed forces who are missing referred to POWs and MIAs.  They are not with their loved ones and families tonight so we offer this table as a tribute to our missing "Comrades"

May she always fly high!

A beautiful American Legion

The "Ceremonial" Stick, Deb, Tammy, Dave, Sue, and Angie Pic
Always a warm welcome from these ladies!

Schrampie says, "The food is GREAT!"

Band members enjoying some of that great tasting Legion food!

Wait, there's an empty space on stage!! 
Somebody is missing tonight!  
Doreen was on vacation and will be back in action next week!

...and there it is!

Officially on the "Lucky Payroll"

Man, he looks different!

The Lucky Horns!

The mobile, living and breathing temporary music stand!

I'm awake...and after a few beers...

...I'm now asleep!

Trapped between mother and daughter... what a good life!

Yup, this is a good life. 
Q. Why does Dave look so much younger?
A. Plastic Surgery (ask him about it the next time you see him)

The raffle-lers were running a good raffle...!!!

Gene Pitney's brother

Word for the evening... "random" 

This young lady came all the way from Wyoming to see
"The Lucky Afternoon Band!!!"

Thumbs Up!  It's all good

Stick says, "Hey guess what everybody....???
We have some Lucky birthdays!"

A special heart-felt "Lucky Birthday" goes out to Gladys, Joanne, and Denny... we wish you good health and MANY, MANY more birthdays!

Dave does look younger...

...what type of plastic surgery did he have?

And there it is... again

This is a GREAT look for Schrampie

"Stick's Stink Eye"

Wow... lots of help and pictures tonight...
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - Terry, Becky, and "Biv"
PS... Don't forget to thank a veteran for his or her service!








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