A Full House at the...Muncy Valley Moose!!
WOW... Thank you "Lucky friends and fans" for filling up the venue tonight!!  
We are grateful and appreciative of ALL OF YOU!

We'll be back at the Muncy Valley Moose on...
April 28th

Yup, we're here tonight!

God bless her and may we always honor our country

A beautiful lodge with an attached restaurant...

...with an attached Moose!

Roadie Footprints!

Let's talk about the GREAT tasting food the Moose serves

The peanut butter pie is Squid's favorite dessert!

She always gets a peanut butter "pie high!"

And WONDERFUL service from our server Amanda
(we'll see Amanda again further down this page)

The full crowd in the front...

...and the back is ready for a "Lucky Show"

The band is ready to go!

Deodorant is on...

... and ready to be tested!

Jell-O shots for Greg?  Hahahaha!

Mooseheart is a great cause for children!

The crowd donated over $250 this evening for Mooseheart!
Congratulations and THANK YOU!

Still checkin' to make sure everyone's underarms are dry...

...and don't stink!   Hahahaha

A special "Lucky Birthday" celebration for Cousin Kathy and Ron... incidentally, they both turned the same age...

...the exact same age Dave just turned two weeks ago!

And there it is...!!!

Nope Harry, your deodorant is not working!

And here she is again!  Our wonderful server Amanda was thrown up on stage so we could thank her again for a job well done...in front of everybody of course!

And there it is... ONCE AGAIN

Terry Smokin'

She's practicing for American Idol

THANK YOU once again Becky, "Biv", and Terry
You guys are a tremendous help setting up, loading up, and pictures...The band really appreciates your kindness

Again, THANK YOU everyone who came out to enjoy... the Lucky Afternoon Band
"It was a real party"

We'll be back at the Muncy Valley Moose on...
April 28th






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