Happy New Year
New Berlin Legion

Bigger Dance Floor....Veterans Salute....Dance Contest....Good Food....Fun for Everyone!

"Happy New Year.....Hahahaha"

Full House

Got you First

"Hey, what do I get for $20 bucks?"

"Snow Cone Princess"

Sometimes Dave has to wrestle unruly patrons
when they get too rowdy...

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Marty and Ann Russell

It's "Wonderful Tonight!"

It's  Chef...!!!!

Aren't they sweet?

The Godfather and Security Chief

I'm having fun.... with all my friends!!!!
Please read about WWII hero

John J. Wiest

John lives in Williamstown, PA.  He served in U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater.  John's ship was torpedoed by a Japanese war plane and was sunk.  John threw on a life vest but a fellow sailor who was hanging onto John's vest did not survive as they both were pulled under water by the sinking ship's water vacuum.  John was also bleeding from bullet wounds in the neck, back, and leg and was in danger of losing his leg.  The blood from all the wounded men and women attracted sharks as they were all floating in warm shark invested waters off the coast of Okinawa.  They were not sure if they were going to be rescued or even survive.  John was ultimately rescued and faced a long recovery.  At almost 88 years old, he still feels the pains of his wounds but is proud that he served his country to protect our freedom. 

John, your heroic story of sacrifice for our freedom is historic and honorable.  We admire and salute you; we're proud and honored to be in your presence.  God Bless You and Thank You!

Thank You New Berlin Legion
Commanders and Trustees

Thank You Veterans

Birthday Girl -- AND -- Raffle Winner!

Interviewing one of our winners

I have one of the LAST Lucky Afternoon T-shirts....

Do a little dance, make a little love.....

Let's set those babies off now!

Party Time!!!

"Love, look at the two of us"
(Twinks sharing a chocolate chip cookie)

Best buddies drinking a few...
Show's over guys...time go home now!

Thank You to EVERYONE who came out
to celebrate the New Year with Lucky Afternoon....!!!!

Thank You New Berlin Legion

Lucky Afternoon had a great time...







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