Valley Chemical Fireman's Carnival in Numidia

Lots of Food, Fun, and... a big crowd.....and the Lucky Afternoon Band!!
But first, let's talk about WHY there is a carnival.  It's not about the band.... it's about the volunteer firefighters who risk their own lives to save your life and protect your property. 

Click the link below to see what they do for you!
Valley Chemical Fire Company's Facebook 
A Fireman's Prayer

He stares in the face of death, without a second thought to save that one special life, that he so bravely sought

He has walked as close to "hell on earth," as any man could do and he's so proud of the job he did, for people he never knew

He puts his life on the line, every time duty calls
always doing what needs to done, without even a pause

He is a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance.
When saving someone’s life often he says, "it's my job"  

But we really know that he is very special, and always ready to go

So when you hear the sirens wail, or see the flashing lights, stand aside and look with pride, he's going to save a life. 
Even though volunteer firefighters do not live and work in a firehouse like career firefighters, they carry out the same kinds of emergency response duties and non-emergency tasks.

Emergency firefighting duties are both challenging and physical. In emergency situations, volunteer firefighters should expect to extinguish and prevent fires as well as administer first aid.
Duties also include rescuing victims from cars or buildings, carrying fire hoses up stairs or ladders, and breaking down doors. Volunteer firefighters usually perform all of these tasks while wearing heavy protective clothing in dangerous, smoky and hot environments.
The equipment you see isn't cheap or free.  The volunteers need help from US (the community) to raise funds so they can purchase life and property saving equipment.  Support their fundraisers throughout the year.
Please support and donate to your local fire department - they may be using this equipment to pull you out of a crushed car or extinguishing a fire to save your family, home, property, or even your life!
Below are some of these unselfish volunteers:
Active duty fire fighters and rescue personnel AND those of you who work for the carnival providing a community service.
The Lucky Afternoon Band and the community says --- THANK YOU!!!

Our buddies always cookin' up great burgers, dogs, and sausages!!!

Tasted GREAT guys!

And these ladies are cookin' up goldfish... HaHa... not really!

And the secret behind the great tasting fries...?

The professional French fry crew!

More of the French fry crew

Love to see smiles!

These guys were just having fun while helping the community!

FANTASTIC potato cakes!!

The Valley Chemical Fire Co Ladies Auxiliary!

Speaking about the Ladies Auxiliary... they presented...

...a check of $4.000 to the Valley Chemical Fire Co!!!

The band trailer was greeted by this friendly smile!!
The Fire Police always give us a warm welcome!

Fire Police Duties. Traffic control at fires, car crashes, mass casualty incidents (MCI) emergencies, drills and other fire department operations which would include: protecting firefighters and emergency medical service (EMS) personnel. protecting bystanders and crowd control at emergencies.

The Fire Police also volunteer their time!
Thank you for what you do!

Sometimes fire fighters help the Fire Police too

More friendly smiles....

...from people donating their time to help others!

The Godfather (and Godmother) of the carnival...!!!

Happy Families working together for the community

You can run but you can't hide darlin'

Always happy to see the Lucky Afternoon Band!

Bingo moved inside!

The "BINGO King" at work!

BINGO helpers!

and even more BINGO help!!

Dennis hiding in the band trailer  LOL

And at the end of evening... we traveled to "Carnival Central Command" where we met the three brains of the entire operation. 


How "Lucky" we were to find the "Queen of the Carnival..."  our friend "Laura"


Heading into Numidia...

...a beautiful clear sky!

As we set up...

...the carnival became crowded

Hello to the RCV (Little League and Softball for the youth)

Stick enjoying a walking taco...

...while Dough enjoys a slice of pizza!

Off we go...!!!

Waiting for a pickup... Hahaha

Beautiful carvings for raffle

Dave chasing his son Stick down cause he hit one wrong note!!


Oh no...why are the skies becoming dark?

...and darker...

...and darker!!!

Then it hit

A major thunderstorm...

...that ended the show.

Before the storm hit, we did get over half our total show in

Always thinking on his feet, Doc Joe quickly dons his fashionable yellow poncho ready to continue the tear down!

Thank you Terry, "Biv", for all the help over the years and for your continued support and friendship... Terry, thx for the SUPER photos!
Lucky Afternoon had a great time...
To all the volunteers - THANK YOU  for your community service!!!

We'll see you next year
Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018
Thank You SO Much!
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