Whacky Lucky Pictures
We just purchased our very own tour bus... the "Lucky Bus"
Winter 2013 - The band met Hulk Hogan The Lucky Afternoon Band once again...
meets the great Hulk Hogan....!!!
Thank you Glen and Tracey for the
"Lucky Wood Carving"
Thank You Bill Artley (Steve's dad) for making a beautiful "Lucky Stool" for those hard to reach places and stages!!!  Sadly, we lost Bill unexpectedly on Jan 14th, 2018 but will always think of him when we put his stool to good use! Yes, even BIG Steve looks small in the new Lucky Afternoon trailer!!! There are icing carrots on this cake and the box says "carrot cake" but we are still not sure what kind of cake this could be??

Ronald McDonald ready for his magic show!

Dave and Ronald McDonald groovin'

When Geisinger's Life Flight decided to buzz the audience, our equipment was thrown and damaged.  Thanks Ronnie for helping us hold down our gig equipment!!

ONLY wild man Stick can do these kinds of stunts


After sharing stages and seeing "Rick K and the Allnighters" entertaining shows over the past few years, it was our pleasure to finally meet and chat with Rick K and bass player Paul Doege at "SUNFEST" in Ocean City, Maryland.  

Rick's high energy, entertaining show lives up to the band's reputation of:
America ’s Most Exciting Show Band”

Between shows, meet & greets, selling merchandise, checking equipment, and everything else, Rick chatted with us a little about the band business.

Bass player Paul entertained Dave & Sue for 15-min - no charge!  (We gave him the honorary "Lucky Point")


A remarkable resemblance!!

The Lucky Afternoon T-shirts made it all the way to Connecticut  - Thanks Dan & Ruth!!!

Click Dough's Head for some entertainment!

Joe performing band equipment repairs right on the job!


We always knew Dough had a flat head but the "Tambourine Level Test" proved it.

Stick Hangin' with Eddie Eagle
Representing the NRA's GunSafeŽ Program


Funny signs we've seen....posted in bathrooms!




Drummer Dave "Schrampie" Schramp courageously fulfilled a bucket list item - jumping out of a perfectly good moving plane...he did it..!!!  Ask him all about it!!
Congratulations Schrampie!!!

I'm ready

Practice jump

There he is...

Congrats Schrampie - We love you!
AND.....Lucky Afternoon still has a drummer!


Lucky Crime
AP News Reporting

There has been a Lucky crime committed....the weapon was left at the crime scene.  DNA, air, and sand samples are still pending in the crime lab. 

We need your help!  If you or anyone you know have any information about this horrid crime, please contact Dave from the band. 
Dough Artley is the prime suspect as she has had run-ins with the palm trees in the past....

A special "THANK YOU" to:

Terry, Biv, Tracey, Glen, Becky, and Lisa

They got together and helped design and purchase a BRAND NEW Lucky Afternoon Band sign that will be seen from miles away! 

A wonderful gesture and a BEAUTIFUL sign.  From the entire band...
(Dave, Stick, Sue, Doreen, Steve, Schrampie, and Joe)

Joe sometimes brings his pet squirrel "A. Corn" to a gig. 
Squid helps out with the toilet duties
The "Lucky Rock"
Compliments of Bob Keifer

Summer 2011 - The band met Ozzy Osbourne


Schrampie and Stick handcuffed and thrown into the back of the Lewisburg Police cruiser in the middle of a show!


Check out the animal hat and the frosted glasses
This drummer is definitely a whack job!

Bingo Jerks

I've been drinking on the job... Look at my cheeks

Wild Man Stick finally caged

Sleeping on the Job Again.... 10% Pay Cut

Official "Lucky" Stationary
(Compliments of Joe & Brenda Mull)

Stick found a pumpkin that looks like someone we all know...Happy Halloween!

"Post-gig Frosted Lucky Charms,
They're Magically Delicious!"

Steve  never left his post during a rain storm at a local fireman's carnival


Click here for a secret message  from Dave, Stick, and Schrampie!!

The Aliens have landed...

We love BIG BLUE Snow cones!!!

A rare sighting of Dave & Dave dueling on acoustics at a private party.
Congratulations Steve Artley Lucky Afternoon's
"Employee of the Month"

Steve has been smiling lately for pictures and not falling asleep at the sound board as often!!
Congratulations Steeeeeve....

You can only get in if you have an official, approved, authorized, certified, honest-to-goodness Lucky Afternoon Blue Card Pass!

Expert D'artanian Schrampie never misses except for the time he put a dart into Steve's brain... no damage done!

Lisa Partying with the Boyz in the Band

"Hey Stick....It's a Major Award"

"Lucky Afternoon" in Mandarin Chinese

This is how we really feel about each other!!

Love is Sharing a Funnel Cake...

and Cheese Sticks....   TWINKS!

This is a good look for you Schrampie!!!

During breaks, "Dinkles the Clown" entertains the crowd.

Here's a rare look behind the scenes of The Lucky Afternoon Band.  When touring, we can quickly get to a job by jumping on our band jet. 

A glance at the inside of our corporate jet.  
We keep our "Lucky Jet" at Penn Valley Airport. 


"An illegal photo"

No longer living a life of crime, Stick now makes friends with local police officers wherever he goes

Welcome _____  o's   Frank, Stick, and Dave hanging around with our friend Ronnie and enjoying a late night 2:00am snack.

Lucky Afternoon needed a body guard to protect them from the Paparazzi as they arrived via Limousine before a recent show.

Dave said, "This is the meanest and most professional body guard we've ever had."   He's heartless and would take a bullet for any of us... except for Stick.

"Wonder how many 7&7s I can drink before Dave and the rest of the band notices?"

Chief Dancing Veda-Bull

Soda "Jerks" attacking the Pepsi machine...

Dave having a "Lucky Afternoon" with the Philadelphia Eagles' Cheerleaders!!!

Unfortunately, the band does have a criminal element of theft... these burglars were caught on camera. 

Back in the days the famous"Lucky Afternoon Dancers" were a local hit - they got hit by flying tomatoes many times!