Wow...a BIG crowd!!
"THANK YOU" to everyone who came out to enjoy and support the Lucky Afternoon Band!!!  
We had a GREAT time playing for you!!

We'll be back to the Selinsgrove VFW on....
Saturday November 11th, 2017

Chris Skelley (and Loriann) photograph many local artists performing live music in venues throughout our area and posts them on his "Play that funky music" Facebook site.  Thanks for everything you do for us local artists.  Our thoughts and blessings for both of you at the end of this month.

The doorman getting a smooch

Dave's ex-coworker and friend

...and there it is...

Brown Nosers
Buddha, Terry, Tracey, "Biv", and Becky... help us with unloading, setting up, tearin' down and loading back up.  THANK YOU - We love you.... It's been many years and many more years to come!

Thank You EVERYONE who came out to enjoy the Lucky Afternoon Band. 
It was a great night! 

We'll be back at the Selinsgrove VFW on
Saturday November 11th







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