A FULL HOUSE @ the Selinsgrove VFW

THANK YOU Everyone!

The dance floor was hoppin' all night...

...and everyone having lots of fun!

Great food as always!

Thanks to chefs Cassandra...

...and Mike!

Thank You Judy... you make the cutest music stand

Hey, there it is...!!
Chris Skelley in action...!!  Chris is a well-known local photographer capturing artists performing live music several times a week at various venues.

Check out Chris' dedicated FaceBook page at: Play That Funky Music

The dance floor singing along!

Thank You EVERYONE who came out...!!!

"Yes Honey, I'll jump in the hot tub with you after the show!"

Is that a saxophone behind us?

Is that a clarinet behind us?

It's Jess adding a little clarinet and saxophone for us!

Jess is an Susquehanna University graduate majoring in music specializing in woodwind instruments.

The Electric Slide...

...while Dave and Doc Joe do some emergency surgery!

Next time, you can keep that dime for luck Sid...!!!


Let's get a better look a their table's centerpiece....

Ahhh yes... We should have guessed... Hahaha

Fresh brewed coffee served with a smile!

Stick has to pee!!

Terry doing a little "Deep Purple"

And there it is...

...and there it is... again!

Thanks Jess for playing with the Lucky Afternoon Band

Thanks once again Becky, Terry, and "Biv" for all the help, running the board, covering the door, helping out on stage, the great pictures, and packing up the trailer!

Thank You Selinsgrove VFW

...and thank You EVERYONE who came out to enjoy the Lucky Afternoon Band







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