Welcome to Shaffer's River Lot Party
Food, Games, Fun, Family, and of course great music provided by...

"The Lucky Afternoon Band"

A beautiful evening at the lot

We're comin' Steve!!

I'm so happy to see Sue from the Lucky Afternoon Band

Wash your hands young man!

Our escort and bodyguard Sam

Great to see you ole buddy!

Our friend Steve /w the entire Lucky Afternoon Band

This pretty lady walks into the porta potty...

...and changes into this goon!

John figuring out how to work a camera!!

Lilly pays attention more than Steve - LOL

We are ready for some music!

Let's do this - Five gigs in five days!

A Good Moon Risin'

First dancers...

...win prizes


A beautiful night on the river

Hi Betsy!

A little to the right please...

Good juggling!

Action shot; see the horseshoe?

Sam cookin' up some good dogs!


Stick eating hot dogs with his grandmother!

Love a bonfire!

And there it is
Lucky Afternoon LOVES when dancers come out!

Stick partying with the dancers!

Please be sure to thank our hosts "Shaffer Family"
Steve ~ Sam ~ Craig
for all the hard work they did preparing for the party
AND having the Lucky Afternoon Band playing for it.
Thank You Steve, The Lucky Afternoon Band
really had a GREAT time!







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