Southside Fireman's Carnival  2017
A beautiful spring evening and....
a big crowd for the Lucky Afternoon Show

UNTIL.... The rains came!!!

We did get a rainbow out of the deal
After FIVE restarts... we thank you folks who braved the rain and hung out

Dave cleaning off "birdie poop"  (Stick supervising)

Setting up, we had a bad feeling about the dark clouds
Below are some of the generous volunteers doing their part to raise funds, fight fires, protect your property, and risk their lives to save yours.... they don't get paid... they are unselfish, community minded men and women serving the community in crisis.  The next time they have a fund raiser, please support them... they're out supporting you.  

Thank You Southside Fire Company volunteers for the OUTSTANDING community dedication and devotion you give back to our local community!

Click the link below to see what they do for you
The Fireman's Prayer

He stares in the face of death, without a second thought
to save that one special life, that he so bravely sought
He has walked as close to "hell on earth," as any man could do
and he's so proud of the job he did, for people he never knew
He puts his life on the line, every time duty calls
always doing what needs to done, without even a pause

He is a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance.
When saving someone’s life often he says, "it's my job"  
But we really know that he is very special, and always ready to go

So when you hear the sirens wail, or see the flashing lights
stand aside and look with pride, he's going to save a life.

The chief, the chief, and the princess.

Family working together raising funds for the fire company

Volunteers come in all ages

Help Southside Fire Company payoff their new truck!
The truck is always there to help you!

Volunteers helping the community with smiles on their faces!

And people were in line for what??

The awesome food...!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fries were going fast!

Mmmmm... carnival fries!

Even drummer Schrampie took some time out between rainstorms to enjoy a hot sausage

Back to work Schrampie!

Many enjoyed the food...

...and many sat under the pavilion until the five rainstorms were over...

Dave's arsenal

Dancing in the rain


...jumping over the rainbow (Awesome shots Terry)

Thanks SO much for the help from our friends "Biv" and Terry (and great photos by Terry)

Hey, hey, our old buddy Elmer jammin' with Lucky again.

Clearer weather did later come

and we still had dancers!

Our "Lucky Afternoon Little Boy" Atticus last year...2016

...and this year 2017.  He's growing like a weed!

And he's a smooth operator
Thank You Southside Fire Company for all the community services you provide!

The Lucky Afternoon Band will be back next year - May 25th, 2018
6:30pm - 9:30






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