A GREAT crowd at the...
Rescue Hose Fire Company
Thank You to everyone who came out to support the...
Lucky Afternoon Band!

Remember to support the Sunbury Rescue Hose Company during their fund raisers

A Fireman's Prayer

He stares in the face of death, without a second thought
to save that one special life, that he so bravely sought

He has walked as close to "hell on earth," as any man could do and he's so proud of the job he did, for people he never knew

He puts his life on the line, every time duty calls
always doing what needs to done, without even a pause

He is a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance.
When saving someone’s life often he says, "it's my job"  

But we really know that he is very special, and always ready to go

So when you hear the sirens wail, or see the flashing lights
stand aside and look with pride, he's going to save a life. 

And there it is...!!!

Stacey's mom... it's a small world

Great to see Chris who does a lot to promote local, live music with his photography... Chris, good chatting with you.  Get that old guitar dusted off and tuned up!

Thank you Dan and Lisa... keep up the good work.  It will eventually pay off!  Thank you for what you for for the Rescues!

A good lookin' spinach chin!


Tracey and Glen (aka Mr. and Mrs. Buddha) thanks for all your help unloading the trailer!  You guys are wonderful.

Dave ran into a lot of folks....

...he hasn't run into for a long time.  Great to see you again!

We added a little compression to Schrampie and his drums
Thank you to Terry, "Biv", and Becky (and Glen & Tracey pictured above) for unloading, packing up, tearing down, and loading.

Because of these friends, we're on the road in less than 30 minutes after a show!

P.S.  Once again Terry... GREAT Pics!

Thank and support the Sunbury Rescue Hose Company for the community services they provide for you!

Lucky Afternoon had a great time...
and everyone was so friendly!!!

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