A special night for a special lady... Tracey!

So many people and so much love to benefit a friend in need

It was party night filled with fun, love, laughter, and A LOT OF DANCING!

Right up until... the last song!!

Setup and ready to go!

Our guest of honor Tracey making some announcements

The check-in table

Very nice banquet hall at the Carriage Corner in Mifflinburg

Many beautiful donated baskets

Picking the baskets you want for raffle

The "Lucky  Trumpets" were on fire!

The snack table

Love ya girl...!!!

"Help... he's such a load"

Great beard...!!!

Dave serenading Amanda
"Amanda, you look a little embarrassed!!!"    Hahaha

A Big Thank You to Carol and Candy for organizing this night for Tracey...!!!

Stick announcing the basket raffle winners!

A successful night to help Tracey get through her operation!

And there it is...

Band family Glen, Tracey, "Biv", Becky, and Terry... so much help for so many years.  Love you guys... and THANK YOU!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this a beautiful night for Tracey

Tracey... you are loved by so many!








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