Happy Birthday to...Tracey Liddington!!!!

A great party, great food, and lots of fun!

Surprise Tracey!!


Mrs. Good-Ink!

Lewisburg Commons - A beautiful facility... outside...

...and inside!!!

Pastor congratulating Tracey and giving thanks to God

Beautiful decorations


Mac & Cheese

Time to eat!

The band is happy Dave makes arrangements for a meal....

Mr. and Mrs. Schrampie

Mr. and Mr. Buddha????

Time to cut the cake Tracey!!

A few words from the birthday girl....

...too late...the tears started to flow

Glen saves the day with the 40 year old crying towel

What are you wearing?

Sexy Granny Panties????

Awwww... a rose for a rose and the look of love!

And what is this a look of...????

Dave helping Schrampie out

Some birthday girl is having a great time!

Special thanks to Lindsey, Mark, Biv, and Terry for all the help!! Double thanks to Terry for the many great pictures!!!
Congratulations again to Lucky Afternoon's friend and faithful follower (for years) Tracey Liddington!!

Also thanks to Tracey's family (Ruth & Dave) and Glen for organizing and pulling off such a great surprise birthday party for Tracey!








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