2017 Warrior Run Area Fireman's Carnival

Great weather, rides, tasty food, and a BIG crowd enjoying...

"The Lucky Afternoon Band"
Thank You Fans, Friends, and Followers...Your support is much appreciated!!
Before all the pictures....  it's not about the band...
Below are just some of the unselfish Warrior Run Area Fire Company volunteers doing their part for the community.  Some of these volunteers are fire fighters while others are good citizens volunteering their time at the carnival to help raise funds for the WRAFC.  The community appreciates your generosity!

Next time you see them, just say..."Thanks for what you do for me!"
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The Fireman's Prayer

He stares in the face of death, without a second thought
to save that one special life, that he so bravely sought
He has walked as close to "hell on earth," as any man could do
and he's so proud of the job he did, for people he never knew
He puts his life on the line, every time duty calls
always doing what needs to done, without even a pause

He is a fireman with overwhelming pride
never afraid to take a chance.
When saving someone’s life often he says, "it's my job"  
But we really know that he is very special, and always ready to go

So when you hear the sirens wail, or see the flashing lights
stand aside and look with pride, he's going to save a life.

See all the smiles while they're helping the community....?

...it just means they're having fun helping others!

Volunteers come in all ages!

These guys cook up some mean steak!

Volunteering is a family affair!

More families working together

Great burgers!

The ladies are ready to go with their pizza cutters!

The real secret behind the great pizza!
(Thanks for the pizza!)

Sandy is actually "The Godmother of the Carnival"
She doesn't go anywhere without her two body guards!
When she looks at you over her glasses, you're in trouble!
(announcing parade winners)

Everybody forgets about the BINGO volunteers...
we didn't forget ya!

Lots of food be made...

...and lots of customers waiting on the good food!

Better known as "The A Team"

French Fries made with loving care!

Who's this volunteer?

Why it's Russ... the Watsontown Mayor
(Dave likes to rub elbows with politicians)

Brian is fishing again!

The soda guys working hard!

Hope we win a soda!

Volunteers are wonderful... from the top view, the side view, or any view...

Dave teasing "Nana" all evening!

The soup ladies cookin' it up good!

The WARFD Bouncer

They were doing a Pepsi commercial

Future volunteers!
Risking their lives 24 hours a day to save yours... Yea, that's what is really about.  The next time the Warrior Run Area Fire Department have a fund raiser, please support them... they're out supporting you.

The food?

Some of the best around!!

The cheese steak was awesome...

...and home-made pizza...  YUM

Fresh fish and...

...hot dogs????

The thunderstorms predicted all night... NEVER CAME
It was a "Lucky Afternoon" and evening!

A beautiful night to have a carnival

Hugh... the man in the know!

Guess we better setup!

The crowd is ready... let's roll

Dancing to a some big band...

...we always love to see dancers at carnivals!

The highly-paid technical staff...really?

A great group of contestants...

Some of the "Hill Gang"

Why is Dave sitting with the crowd?

Why is Dave mooching pizza from a nice lady?
Don't worry... he's has no diseases.. at least that we know of!

Dave having fun and embarrassing this nice young lady!

There it is...

...and there it is again!

Taking a break before the last show

And a great crowd for the very last show til 10:00pm!!!

Dancing for the evening shows too!!

Terry and Biv... Thank You AGAIN for the pictures and roadie help.  You save our butts.  Terry... your many pictures of the band are AWESOME!  THANK YOU!

Thank You Warrior Run Area Fire Department and to everyone supporting "The Lucky Afternoon Band!"
We'll see you next year!!







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